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About Convergence Information Society

Convergence Information Society(CIS) stands for The International Association for Information, Culture, Human and Industry Technology. Although the institute was founded in 2005 as Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology, it has achieved a lot in the field of convergence IT. The main reason of opening such institution was the growing importance of hybrid technologies spreading into our life. The CIS is committed to put its utmost effort on the development of convergence IT in the world. Nowadays, CIS has established tight relationships with well-known instutites, societies and organizations like Springer Verlag, IEEE CS, ELSEVIER, ETRI, KETI, IBC in Cambridge, The World Congress of Arts, Sciences and Communications in Cambridge and etc.

Vision and Self-Development

Now CIS is improving itself with the goal to construct a world-class research organization and to serve the world-best conferences. CIS’s international conferences serve as a forum for scholars researching in various aspects of Information Technologies such as convergent IT, ubiquitous computing, business and information systems, human-computer interaction, bioinformatics and so forth. We firmly support the efforts put to develop Information Technologies and welcome any innovative ideas toward it.

Our Vision is to be a world-class institution that helps researchers and scientists achieve their goals. We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to strategic growth, outstanding research, and scientific community involvement. We won’t stop developing and enhancing new ideas and position that make the CIS’s international works meaningful. We are dedicatedto improving our research work by applying our knowledge of information management and convergence ITto deliver unparalleled value and innovationall around the world.

In CIS, researchers are strongly interested in questing for the innovations in the field of convergence IT. Through CIS, we are preparing a fruitful soil for the realization of fresh and promising ideas for convergence IT. We hope that the topics researched in CIS surely impress everyone and will bring precious knowledge and experience. We look forward that CIS will give much opportunity to exchange our ideas and establish good social ties with each other.


We are an organization that make it our work to be like a high-quality research institution; who built a premier institution by promoting high quality research and keeping promises through our scientific partnerships; we bring diverse talents and experiences to our work of serving the scientific community.Our success is built on a foundation of shared values -- quality service and relationships, mutual trust, integrity and strength in research.We promote standards for high quality research that serve the scientific community and ensurecolloboration between scholars. We also work with eminent educational institutions and non-commercial organizations, to help them succeed while conducting valued research and providing a boost to local scientists.

Our multifold mission covers every aspect of the development of convergence IT in the world. We are involved in researching the innovative trends in information technology convergence. Also we are engaged in organizing and sponsoring the international conferences in the field of information technology convergence. One of our main activities is publishing international scientific periodicals regarding convergence of information technology. Also assisting the research collaboration programs with other international bodies connected to information technology convergence is part of our everyday activity. We also look forward to accomplishing technological projects in the field of information technology convergence

System Innovation Continues:

1) CSCI: The innovative world-class support system for large-scaled conferences, the integrated system
- In 2007, CSCI_Ver 1.0: The innovative world-class support system for large-scaled conferences, the integrated system was created. We started developing the new conference-support system: CSCI_Ver 1.0, by CIS.
-In 2008, the CSCI_Ver 2.0 has been introduced to support the conference activities and manage the paper reviews.
- CSCI is a best quality support system for large-scaled international conference, and it can support all scopes of the conferences, symposiums, forums and workshops efficiently.
- Now we are in progress, CSCI will make a new chapter as the leading system for every kind of the world-class conferences.
- In 2009, we present CSCI Ver 2.5 which will include more robust technologies and many other functions to ease the life of conference participants and its organizers.

Copyright (c) 2005, Convergence Information Society (CIS), Korea(Rep. of), All rights reserved.