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About Convergence Information Society(CIS) Conferences

1. Peer Reviewed International Conferences
CIS Conferences are peer reviewed international conferences by more than 400 scientific members from more than 50 countries. Please see the conference websites which you have interest in. You can find the review process and scientific members easily.

2. More than 400 Scientific Members from more than 50 countries
CIS respects all researchers from scholars in the developing countries to scholars in the developed countries. You can find more than 400 scientific members from more than 50 countries as CIS is unbiased organization. CIS always welcome new scientific members from all over the world.

Invitation to the CIS’s International Conference

We courteously invite you to the CIS’s international conferences.

CIS's international conferences are well-known world class International conferences. We will continue to strengthen our position as one of the leading research groups in the world. Moreover, we will do our best in developing and enhancing new ideas and positions that would make CIS's international conferences much more significant and important to your scientific career.

Through organizing the conferences, we are preparing a fruitful soil for the realization of fresh and promising ideas for Information Technologies. We hope that the topics discussed today will surely impress everyone and will bring precious knowledge and experience. We look forward that the CIS’s international works will give much opportunity to exchange our ideas and establish good social ties with each other.

The CIS’s conferences support the efforts put to develop future generation IT and welcome any innovative ideas toward it. Through organizing conferences, we give an opportunity for researchers to exchange their fresh and promising ideas.

We courteously ask you to keep an eye on CIS's international conferences. Moreover, we are looking forward to your support so that CIS's international conferences could grow into higher class international conferences and could share the best of knowledge with all of you.

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